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March 12, 2005

12 March

Today after breakfast and a meeting, we went to Old Delhi to visit the Jamu Misjid mosque and the street food situation there. The mosque was amazing and huge, and also afforded us a spectacular view of the Red Fort which is even larger.

The streets of Old Delhi are narrow and packed with people and rickshaws and scooters and goats and street vendors. The smell of auto exhaust fumes, animal dung, and body odor intermingle with jasmine and spices to form a truly schizophrenic olfactory experience.

We had a late lunch at a restaurant called Karim's that was recommended to us. The food was fantastic, as has all the food been here. However, our efforts to find out more about food recycling programs were not very successful today, due in part I think to a language barrier and perhaps a distrust towards Europeans in that part of town. Old Delhi is very poor, and also much more heavily muslim than other parts of the city we have seen, and our presence there was noted by the locals with curiosity, distrust, surprise, amusement, etc...

We will visit again on Monday. It will take time to learn more.

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