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March 19, 2005

Pre-Conference Workshop Begins

The pre-conference workshop began on Friday. After a morning introduction, the participants took a street food tour of Old Delhi. Today the workshop participants split into smaller groups to focus on particular projects having to do with topics such as experience, economy/value, skin/appearance, mapping, etc.

The workshop participants (besides those from DAI) are: Priyanka Dilip, Deepika Arora, Kanika Sachdera, Kanu Priya, Surbhi Singhal, Michael Coburn, Pratima Kalmadi, A.V. Varghese, Vaibhav, John Vijay Abraham, Sanjeev Shankar. They hail from the following academies and universities: Pearl Academy (New Delhi), NIFT (New Delhi), Shrishti (Bangalore), IIT Bombay, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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Street Food Vendors Create Paths

The street food vendors are an essential component of the architecture of Delhi, not just in terms of their physical structure or physical placement, but in terms of how they engage in, create, and facilitate movement, and how they create or maintain paths.

When a street food vendor creates or maintains a path, it is doing three things. First, it is creating or maintaining movement and action. Second, it is creating or maintaining narratives, stories of paths travelled. Third, it is creating or maintaining architecture, as lines across space that define and conceptualize place.

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first meeting with the paratha man

just below our street (jantar mantarroad) is a square(village green) with all kind of streetvenders.

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