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March 12, 2005

Research has begun

After a safe arrival in Delhi, and a 'somewhat relaxing' orientation day (devoid of Internet), we have spent Saturday on the streets in the area of the Jamu Masjid mosque.

The necessity for havens and respit after each 45 minutes of street work has become apparent, and fortunately the city abounds with havens... including a tent with reclining chairs, smack dab in the middle of the city. Giant ruches in red, white and green, and children gambling for ice creams right outside.

The bike rickshaw is revealing itself as an excellent moving haven; elevated just a bit out of the fray and excellent for image collection.

Currently in an Internet cafe in which I cannot upload images. Maria asks, 'where's that highly connected India in the pictures here and here (pointing to Airtel ads with Bollywood stars). And back at the apartment, our friend holds a carrot of broadband before our noses.

Cross your fingers.

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