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March 22, 2005

Social Innovation Salon

The Social Innovation Salon part of the Doors8 INFRA conference is being built-up. Nomadic Banquet is one of the pre-conference workshops represented in what is supposed to be a poster presentation deep in the guts of the Habitat Centre. Even before the official start of the 'salon', visitors can be seen roaming around the 'stands', trying to glean bits of what went on the week before the conference started.

One of the pariticpant groups of the NomBanq workshop was responsible for the look and feel of our presentation at the Social Innovation Salon (SIS).They gathered and printed images from all of the Nom Banq focus groups (Experience, Mapping, Economy/Value) and served-up them up in the leaf and repurposed paper plates in which the street food is often served. Stacks became books with as many staples as one can use. The dhurries and mats as well as the 'protest style' banners were displayed as well. Here one sees the building up process of the SIS.

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