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May 20, 2005

A bit of press - the Institute of the Future

In a lecture at the Institute of the Future, John Thackara mentions the wonderful turn around that happened in our urban mapping workshop, Nomadic Banquet.
Here's the quote from the weblog of the Institute of the Future website.

Self-service > enable sharing. We all have needs to share stuff. Power drills are used for 10 minutes during their lifetime; cars are used for a few minutes a day; the result is huge inefficiencies in consumption. "The notion of sharing material resources is just exploding," particularly in Europe. People are designing sharing systems for space, equipment, time, services.

Sharing knowledge is also a big thing: Deborah Solomon's Nomadic Banquet (organized for Doors of Perception 8) gave people a chance to share inside knowledge about street food. They expected it to be a cellphone, Zagat's guide online kind of thing; but there are all kinds of social and cultural sensibilities surrounding street food that couldn't be accommodated by the technology. It turned out to involve issues natural resource allocation, distribution, packaging, storage, displays, streetscape, etc., etc..

Wonderful isn't it? Even though the IFTF spelled my name incorrectly.

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