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June 28, 2005


I was always dissatisfied with my early attempts to map pathways of motion on Janpath Lane. There were simply too many possible pathways, and chaos theory seemed a more appropriate approach than cartography. And so I re-approached the map by looking at areas of flow.

Flow has to do with continuously variable and therefore inherently unstable systems with highly sensitive dependencies upon conditions that are in flux. Flow is a complex interaction between signs (in a semiotic sense of the term) read as a succession of notions and directions. The food vendors are like gravity wells, creating flow, disrupting flow, creating little eddies and disturbances in the flow of the entire city. The critical mass of street food vendors in New Delhi is so enormous that they are creating a storm of motion, like a billion butterflies all flapping their wings and whipping up a hurricane. In this rather simplistic flow diagram I have created there is only a suggestion of the staggering complexity of flow having to do with street food vendors in this mega-city.

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