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July 30, 2005

Turkish floating kitchen

If you are lucky enough to spend few days on a turkish gullet (a typical wooden boat that used to carry cargo in the Bosporus bay and used nowadays to a tourist attraction) visiting the beautiful turquoise lagoons along the turkish Mediterranean coasts, you might see some little boats converted to a floating kitchens. Each little boat contains small gas device on which a very skilled woman prepares "gozleme" a turkish version of something between a french crêpe and an Iraqi pitta bread. Basically it's a small amount of dow being flattened with a broom stick to a very thin piece of dow. This "crêpe" is being stuffed with some honey, than folded, backed on a sort of oven and served hot. For 5 Turkish lira (1 TL = 1.3 US$) you can treat yourself with one ;-).

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